For Anne Gregory Class 10 Extra Questions and Answers

For Anne Gregory Class 10 Extra Questions and Answers available here. For Anne Gregory extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All the extra questions are divided into two sections. They are short type questions answers and long type question answers. These questions will help you to get good marks in the exams.

For Anne Gregory Short Questions and Answers

Question 1: What was not liked by the young men?

Answer: The young men do not love the real person but love appearances. Everyone wants one should be loved for his actual personality and not by what he looks like. The young man does not like grey or yellow hair, and they do not care for inner beauty but love.

Question 2: The young woman’s hair is yellow coloured. She is ready to change her hair colour to another colour. Why would she want to do so?

Answer: The young woman is ready to do so because she wants someone to love her. Moreover, she wants that someone should love her for her inner beauty and not for the colour of her hair.

Question 3: What does the old religious man say?

Answer: The old religious man says that he has found a text which proves that only God could love us for ourselves alone and not for physical beauty. He is the one who truly loves us.

Question 4: What is the central idea of the poem, ‘For Anne Gregory’?

Answer: The poem conveys the idea that physical beauty may be important for young men or human beings, but God does not love human beings for their physical beauty. In this poem, the poet gives an example of a lover who loves the yellow hair of a young lady but does not like her ramparts. The lady disapproves his love.

Question 5: To whom is the first stanza of the poem addressed? What does the speaker say to her?

Answer: The first stanza of the poem is addressed to a lady named Anne Gregory. She had a great influence on the poet. He had great respect for her. He tells her that although she is a noble lady, yet nobody would love her for herself alone.

Question 6: What makes a young man not to love the woman referred to in the first stanza?

Answer: The woman has beautiful yellow hair. But the outer part of her ears is not attractive. The poet says that men shall never love her only for herself.

Question 7: What does the woman say she can do to make herself more desirable to young men? What does this show?

Answer: The woman says that she would dye her hair brown, black or carrot colour. This shows that young men give more importance to physical appearance than inner beauty.

Question 8: What does the religious man tell the poet about God’s love for man?

Answer: The religious man has told the poet that he has found a religious text. According to that, God loves a person, not for his or her physical qualities, but for their inner qualities.

For Anne Gregory Long Questions and Answers

Below we have provided long type questions with answers for Class 10 First Flight For Anne Gregory (Poem). Along with these questions answers, it is highly recommended for students to read NCERT Solutions to score good marks in the exams.

Question 1: The poet in the poem, ‘For Anne Gregory’ conveys that we should give importance to the inner beauty and not the physical appearance. Elaborate with reference to the poem.

Answer: In the conversation that takes place between Anne Gregory and another speaker, the poet has tried to show that inner beauty is real beauty, whereas physical appearance is changeable and hence, unimportant. The first speaker says to Anne that young men love her for her beautiful yellow hair and may never love her for what she really is. To this, Anne replies that her hair-colour can be changed into black, brown or carrot, meaning that external beauty is all superficial and men should not love her for that. Through Anne’s reply, the poet has made clear his preference for internal beauty over physical appearance.

Question 2: How right or wrong is it to judge someone on the basis of his/her physical appearance?

Answer: Physical appearances never give the true account of a person as it can be changed with the help of clothing, make-up and other such things. Something which is not true and real should not be used to judge the person carrying it. A person must be judged on the basis of his behaviour that shows the true characteristics of his personality. This is explained by Anne in her reply to the first speaker that her beautiful hair-colour which attracts men is changeable, hence, men
should not fall in love with her based on her hair colour.

Question 3: Why do you think, the other speaker mentioned the old religious man and the text that proves that only God can love Anne for herself alone?

Answer: It is so because the speaker wanted to tell Anne that her desire that men should not see her outer beauty is not going to be fulfilled. The speaker tells Anne that only God can be so great as to avoid external beauty and look beyond it. Man, on the other hand, falls for all things that appear pretty from outside and never bothers about what lies inside.

For Anne Gregory Extract Based Questions

Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1: “I heard an old religious man
But yesternight declare
That he had found a text to prove
That only God, my dear,
Could love you for yourself alone
And not your yellow hair.”

a. What does the old man’s text prove?
b. What, according to the poet, is more essential in the eyes of God?
c. What does ‘I’ refer to here?
d. How is God’s love different from the love of the young lovers?

a. That only God could love Anne for herself.
b. God loves an individual for himself/herself alone.
c. The Poet.
d. Young lovers love her hair that represents physical beauty whereas God loves an individual for being himself/herself.

Question 2: “Never shall a young man,
Thrown into despair
By those great honey-coloured
Ramparts at your ear,”

a. Name the poem and the poet.
b. Who speaks these lines and to whom?
c. What is her hair compared with?
d. What is the honey-coloured rampart?

a. The poem is ‘For Anne Gregory’ and the poet is ‘W.B. Yeats’.
b. A young man to Anne Gregory.
c. Her hair is compared with honey.
d. Anne’s yellow hair is the honey-coloured rampart.

Question 3: “But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young man in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.”

a. What different colours have been mentioned in the above lines?
b. What does the speaker want?
c. Who does ‘I’ stand for?
d. Why does the speaker talk about changing the colour of hair?

a. Brown, black, carrot and yellow.
b. The speaker wants that she should be loved for what she is and not for the colour of her hair.
c. ‘I’ stands for Anne Gregory.
d. The speaker wants to change the colour of hair so that she would be loved for what she is and not for the colour of her hair.

Self- Assessment Test

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the theme of the poem, ‘For Anne Gregory’?
2. What does the poet conclude?
3. What is Anne Gregory’s wish?
4. What kind of love does Anne Gregory seem to value?
5. What is the base of love for anyone?

Long Answer Questions

1. Physical beauty is not permanent, but internal beauty is permanent. Explain with reference to the poem, ‘For Anne Gregory’.

2. What is the moral of the poem, ‘For Anne Gregory’? Explain in detail.

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