NCERT Solutions For Class 6 History Chapter 4 What Books and Burials Tell Us

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 4 What Books and Burials Tell Us contains answers to all the questions given in the exercise of the history book. These solutions have been created on the basis of NCERT Book Guidelines. The solutions are prepared in simple language by our subject experts to help students in their exam preparation.

Class 6 History Chapter 4 What Books and Burials Tell Us Questions and Answers

Let’s Recall

Question 1: Match the columns

SuktaStone Builder
DasaUsed in battles


ChariotsUsed in battles
MegalithStone Boulder

Question 2: Complete the sentences

(a) Slaves were used for work.

(b) Megaliths are found in South India, Kashmir, North East.

(c) Stone circles or boulders on the surface were used to point out the exact place of burial.

(d) Port-holes were used for burying other members of the same family at the same place

(e) People at Inamgaon ate peas, pulses, rice, barley, sesame 

Let’s Discuss

Question 3: In what ways are the books we read today different from the Rigveda?

Answer: The most important points of difference between the Rigveda and the modem books is that today books are written and read. The Vedas, instead, were memorised by students, and later passed on to the later generations by speaking, listening and then memorising.

Question 4: What kind of evidence from burials do archaeologists use to find out whether there were social differences amongst those who were buried?

Answer: Archaeologists found that in some burials, skeletons found were buried with lots. The number of pots buried was more if the person had higher social status.

Question 5: In what ways do you think that the life of a raja was different from that of a dasa or dasi?

Answer: In society, ‘raja’ was one of the highest civil positions. ‘Rajas’ were the kings of the community, whereas the ‘dasas’/’dasis’ were the lowest position in society. The ‘dasas’/’dasis’ were slaves who were used for work. They were treated as the property of their owners. They were captured in war.

The NCERT Class 6 History Our Pasts-I Chapter 4 discusses the following topics:

  • One of the oldest books in the world
  • How Historians study the Rigveda
  • Cattle, Horses and Chariots
  • Words to describe people
  • Silent sentinels – the story of the megaliths
  • Finding out about social differences
  • Were some burial spots meant for certain families
  • A special burial at Inamgaon
  • Occupations at Inamgaon

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