NCERT Solutions For Class 6 History Chapter 9 New Empires and kingdoms

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 9 New Empires and kingdoms contains answers to all the questions given in the exercise of the history book. These solutions have been created on the basis of NCERT Book Guidelines. The solutions are prepared in simple language by our subject experts to help students in their exam preparation.

Class 6 History Chapter 9 New Empires and kingdoms Questions and Answers

Let’s Recall

Question 1: State whether true or false:

(a) Harishena composed a prashasti in praise of Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni.
(b) The rulers of Aryavarta brought tribute for Samudragupta.
(c) There were twelve rulers in Dakshinapatha
(d) Taxila and Madurai were important centres under the control of the Gupta rulers.
(e) Aihole was the capital of the Pallavas.
(f) Local assemblies functioned for several centuries in south India.

(a) False
(b) False
(c) True
(d) False
(e) False
(f) True

Question 2: Mention three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana.

Answer: The three authors were.

  • Banabhatta
  • Xuan Zang
  • Ravikirti

Question 3: What changes do you find in the army of this time?

Answer: The Changes which we find in the armies of this time are the presence of military leaders who provided the king with troops whenever he needed them. These leaders were not paid salaries but were given grants of lands from which they collected revenue.

Question 4: What were the new administrative arrangements in this period?

Answer: The new administrative arrangements during this time were −

  • Administrative posts turned out to be hereditary
  • On some occasions, one man had multiple posts.

Question 5: What do you think Arvind would have to do if he was acting as Samudragupta?

Answer: Give importance to science, astronomy, music and art.

Question 6: Do you think ordinary people would have read and understood the prashastis? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: No. Ordinary people could not have understood the Prashastis. This is because they were written in Sanskrit.

Let’s Do

Question 7: If you had to make a genealogy for yourself, who are the people you would include in it? How many generations would you like to show? Make a chart and fill it.

Answer: It is a class activity for the students.

Question 8: How do you think wars affect the lives of ordinary people today?


  • It affects the livelihood of people
  • It affects the trade and business
  • People may incur a personal loss due to the loss of lives of near and dear ones and the loss of property.

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