NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Civics Chapter 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls contains answers to the exercise questions given in the “Social and Political Life -II”. All the answers provided here are accurate and simple that will help you understand the concepts easily and continue your studies without a doubt. These solutions will also help you to score higher marks with the help of well-illustrated answers. All the questions and answers are provided here in PDF format.

Class 7 Civics Chapter 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls Questions and Answers

Question 1: Are the statements given alongside true or false? Support your answer with the use of an example-

(a) All societies do not think similarly about the roles that boys and girls play.

(b) Our society does not make distinctions between boys and girls when they are growing up.

(c) Women who stay at home do not work.

(d) The work that women do is less valued than that of men.


(a) True.

More importance is given to the work done by boys instead of the ones done by girls.

(b) False.

Our society does distinguish between boys and girls. For example, toys provided to girls are different from those provided to boys. Girls get dolls to play with, while boys have cars to play with. The way of dressing too differs for both boys and girls. The way girls should behave needs to be gentle and graceful, while boys have to be tough.

(c) False

A woman who stays at home does all the household activities like washing clothes, sweeping, cleaning, cooking food and many other jobs to keep the entire house in order.

(d) True

Despite the fact that women do a lot of work, their work is less valued because they do not get paid for it. It is assumed that household work is something that comes naturally to women.

Question 2: Housework is invisible and unpaid work.
Housework is physically demanding.
Housework is time consuming.

Write in your own words what is meant by the terms ‘invisible’, ‘physically demanding’, and ‘time consuming’? Give one example of each based on the household tasks undertaken by women in your home.

Answer: Invisible here means something which is not noticed. A good example will be breakfast in the morning, which we eat without realizing the amount of effort put in making it.

Physically demanding means something which requires hard work. An example of this is washing clothes.

Time consuming means something which takes a long time to be done. Cleaning the house is an example of this.

Question 3. Make a list of toys and games that boys typically play and another for girls. If there is a difference between the two lists, can you think of some reasons why this is so? Does this have any relationship to the roles children have to play as adults?


List of toys and games that boys play with is:

Toys – cars, guns, bat & ball, superhero figures, etc.Games – football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, etc.

List of toys and games girls play with is:

Toys – dolls, kitchen set, doll house, makeup set, etc.Games – badminton, skipping, table-tennis, etc.

The list of toys and games given above clearly shows that the society makes a distinction between boys and girls, right from their growing up phase. This is done to infuse the required qualities within girls and boys. Boys are taught to be tough and strong while girls are expected to behave in a gentle and graceful manner.

Yes, the toys/games boys and girls are given to play with have a direct relationship with the roles they have to play when they grow up into adult men and women.

Question 4: If you someone working as a domestic help in your house or locality talk to her and find out a little bit more about her life – Who are her family members? Where is her home? How many hours does she work? How much does she get paid? Write a small story based on these details.

Answer: Rekha has been working in my neighbour’s house for several years as domestic help. She hails from a village in Bengal. She lives here in Delhi with her husband and three kids, two daughters and a son.

She lives in a small rented room in Delhi.

She comes at around 7.30 in the morning and after finishing a day’s work she leaves by 6:00 pm.

She gets Rs.5000/- per month with all other amenities like food, clothing etc.

Her husband works as a helper in a clothing store and also earns a good amount from there. Thus, Rekha and her family are is leading a happy and satisfactory life.

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