NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media contains answers to the exercise questions given in the “Social and Political Life -II”. All the answers provided here are accurate and simple that will help you understand the concepts easily and continue your studies without a doubt. These solutions will also help you to score higher marks with the help of well-illustrated answers. All the questions and answers are provided here in PDF format.

Class 7 Civics Chapter 6 Understanding Media Questions and Answers

Question 1: In what ways does the media play an important role in a democracy?

Answer: The media plays an important role in a democracy in the following manner:

  • Provides news and information to the citizens and helps them to take actions.
  • Reports various criminal activities, scams, frauds, crimes, accidents etc.
  • Alerts people on the various diseases, weather, and calamities etc. taking place.
  • Gives information regarding government issues.
  • Criticises unpopular policies and programmes of the government.
  • Brings about social awareness regarding political, economic, social and cultural events.

Question 2: Can you give this diagram a title? What do you understand about the link between media and big business from this diagram?

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Civics Social Science Chapter 6 Understanding Media -1

Answer: The diagram can be titled ‘The media-corporate nexus’. From this diagram, we get to know that media owned by big corporate organisations, helps their economic growth by advertising their products.

Question 3: You have read about the ways in which the media ‘sets the agenda’. What kind of effect does this have in a democracy? Provide two examples to support your point of view.

Answer: By ‘setting agendas’, the media influences the way we think and makes us aware of issues which it thinks is important. One instance of this would be the raising of awareness about the levels of pesticides in colas. Another is the Fashion week, which was at the front of headlines while several slums were being demolished in Mumbai.

Question 4: As a class project, decide to focus on a particular news topic and cut out stories from different newspapers on this. Also watch the coverage of this topic on TV news. Compare two newspapers and write down the similarity and differences in their reports. It might help to ask the following questions –

(a) What information is this article providing?

(b) What information is it leaving out?

(c) From whose point of view is the article being written?

(d) Whose point of view is being left out and why?

Answer: Take two different newspapers. For example, “The Times of India” and “Hindustan Times”. Go through both the papers of the same day. Choose any particular news heading in both the papers. Also watch the different TV Channels for this particular newsheading, and answer the questions given with the help of newspaper cuttings and news watched on different TV channels.

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