NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English – Latest Edition

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English help you to improve your oral and written skills. These solutions come with PDF’s of Honeydew and It So Happened (Supplementary Reader). We have updated CBSE Class 8 English solutions as per the latest CBSE guidelines. These solutions are very useful while solving questions of your textbooks.

Class 8 English NCERT Textbook Questions and Answers

NCERT Solutions are considered an extremely helpful resource for exam preparation. CBSE Path gives its users access to a profuse supply of NCERT questions and their solutions. CBSE Class 8 English NCERT Solutions are created by experts of the subject, hence, sure to prepare students to score well. The answers to the different questions are given in detail to cater to their needs. Students can also download these NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English in PDF format

NCERT Solutions of Class 8 English

Here, we have provided the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 8 English Solutions of the main textbook, Honeydew and the Supplementary textbook, It So Happened.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solution for Class 8 English

Q. Where can I download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English can be downloaded in PDF format from the CBSE Path website

Q. Which is the best reference guide for Class 8 English exam preparation?

NCERT books are the best source for Class 8 English CBSE board exam preparation.

Q. How many chapters are present in NCERT Class 8 English?

There are a total of 10 chapters in Honeydew Textbook Solutions. They are Chapter 1- The Best Christmas Present in the World, Chapter 2- The Tsunami, Chapter 3- Glimpses of the Past, Chapter 4- Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory, Chapter 5- The Summit Within, Chapter 6- This is Jody’s Fawn, Chapter 7- A Visit to Cambridge, Chapter 8- A Short Monsoon Diary, Chapter 9- The Great Stone Face – I, Chapter 10- The Great Stone Face – II.

There are 11 Chapters from Supplementary Textbook, It So Happened Solutions. Chapter 1- How The Camel Got His Hump, Chapter 2- Children At Work, Chapter 3- The Selfish Giant, Chapter 4- The Treasure Within, Chapter 5- Princess September, Chapter 6- The Fight, Chapter 7- The Open Window, Chapter 8- Jalebis, Chapter 9- The Comet – I, Chapter 10- The Comet – II.

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