NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 9 The Beggar

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 9 The Beggar is given here. These Solutions contains answers to all questions provided in the textbook. Class 9th English Moments Chapter 10 solutions are explained by the expert English teacher and as per NCERT (CBSE) guidelines.

Class 9 English The Beggar Questions and Answers

Question 1: Has Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstance or by choice?

Answer: Lushkoff became a beggar by circumstance. Formerly, he sang in a Russian choir, but was sent away for drunkenness. This led him to beg.

Question 2: What reasons does he give to Sergei for his telling lies?

Answer: Lushkoff told the truth and accepted that he was a liar. Formerly he used to be a singer. He told lies to seek the favour of others. If he had spoken the truth none would have helped him. So, he decided to tell lies.

Question 3: Is Lushkoff a willing worker? Why, then, does he agree to chop wood for Sergei?

Answer: No, Lushkoff is not a willing worker. He had lost his strength and stamina due to his habit of drinking. He was unhealthy and did not feel the slightest inclination to do any work.

He agrees to chop wood for Sergei not because of his pride and shame and he had been trapped by his own words.

Question 4: Sergei says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect.” Why does he say so? Is he right in saying this?

Answer: Sergei looked satisfied with the performance of the beggar and felt happy. When Lushkoff’s job of packing and hauling of the furniture was over, he praised him while handing him a rouble. But he was not right in saying so because Lushkoff had not developed the habit of working hard. He was still an idle fellow.

Question 5: Lushkoff is earning thirty five roubles a month. How is he obliged to Sergei for this?

Answer: Lushkoff was obliged to Sergei because if he had not come to Sergei, then he might still have been calling himself a teacher or a student. He would have been begging. By listening to Sergei, he had changed his ways. He was a notary and earned thirty-five roubles a month.

Question 6: During their conversation Lushkoff reveals that Sergei’s cook, Olga, is responsible for the positive change in him. How has Olga saved Lushkoff?

Answer: Olga took pity on Lushkoff. She realised his condition and tried her best to improve it. She helped him by chopping wood in his place. Though she called him a ‘miserable creature’, ‘unlucky man’, ‘a drunkard’, and ‘unhappy one’ and said that there was no pleasure for him in this world, she was full of kindness and had a helping attitude. May be she criticised him in order to improve him. The very act of Olga changed and saved him. He says that he had even stopped drinking at the sight of her. It was because of her words and noble deeds that a change took place in his heart. She had set him on the right path.

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